Midland Metal Mfg. announced Scott Bardreau has joined the company as chief sales officer for their growing platform of companies, which includes Anderson Metals Corp. and Buchanan Rubber Ltd. Bardreau has more than 35 years of industry experience, extending across plumbing and heating, industrial, waterworks and irrigation verticals. He spent the last 12 years with Matco-Norca in the role of vice president of sales and marketing and previously served in various management roles at Watts Water Technologies, in both wholesale and retail channels.

When asked about joining Midland Metal Mfg. Bardreau said, “Coming together with Wynnchurch Capital and Midland Metals Mfg. positions us for tremendous growth. There is a belief system here of working together as one across the platform, to build relationships, trust and a history of success with our business partners. It’s extremely exciting.” 

Wynnchurch Capital recently merged Midland Metal Mfg, Anderson Metals, and Buchanan Rubber Ltd. into the platform company that serves the industrial distribution markets. CEO Vince Hodes said, “We are excited to welcome Scott onto our team and look forward to leveraging his leadership and expertise into many years of success”.