Franklin Park, Illinois-based Sloan recently introduced its Faucet Finder, an online resource designed to help select and spec a Sloan touch-free faucet that fits any commercial restroom project.

By providing a number of filtering options, Sloan’s Faucet Finder helps architects, designers and engineers customize any faucet aspect – from spout design and power source, to spray type and trim plate, the company explained.

“Sloan understands there are plenty of moving parts in the specification process, making selection of a commercial faucet seem complicated,” said Andrew Warnes, product line manager for faucets. “With our new Faucet Finder you can spec the ideal product for your next commercial restroom quickly. Sloan invented the automatic sensor faucet in 1974 and today is the largest supplier of automatic faucets for commercial applications in the world.”

Sloan’s new resource enables users to filter through faucet features including:

Design – Toggle between Sloan’s various faucet product families such as the BASYS, Optima and Sloan lines, as well as a number of finishes from brushed nickel to polished brass.

Power source – Select between Sloan’s offering of battery, hardwired, solar or turbine options – all with a single click.

Flow rate and spray type – Water conservation is top-of-mind with today’s focus on sustainability. Sloan’s Faucet Finder presents flow rate options from a range of 0.35-2.2 gpm, with spray types including aerated, laminar, multi-laminar and showerhead features.

Mounting type and trim plate – Select from deck and wall-mounted options and trim plate size (4 or 8 inches).

Smart faucets – Sloan’s new Optima faucets allow for optimized water management with the Sloan Connect app to have access to below-deck controls.

“With the largest installed base and the world’s most frequently specified units, Sloan has at least twice as many designs as the next largest competitor,” Warnes stated. “With our Faucet Finder you can review the greatest number of options to find the perfect faucet spec for your project.”