The LeakSmart Snap is a shutoff valve control that installs in seconds without any tools or the need to cut into the main water-supply line. Homeowners also can extend this protection even during power outages and downed WiFi with the new LeakSmart Hub 3.0. The Snap product fits in any space, at any angle and on any type of valve. It programs itself to calibrate the torque required to turn off a home’s main water supply, making adjustments if necessary, and is strong enough to open even the toughest valve in a home, the company notes. The Hub 3.0 can be placed anywhere within the home for optimal coverage and communication between LeakSmart devices. The latest Zigbee 3.0 protocol ensures the hub will continue working and will send emergency notifications through LeakSmart’s free smartphone application even if WiFi is down or the power is out.


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