Phylrich, a company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-quality luxury decorative bathroom faucets and accessories, presents Stria.

The collection boasts a minimalist design of elegant angular lines defined by intricate  parallel ridge lines on the spout and handles that lend it a decidedly contemporary industrial appeal, the manfuacturer noted.

Balancing the dominating shapes of square and rectangular design elements, the slim depth and the generous height of the spout create a sophisticated finesse that’s elevated by the square base plates on which both spout and handles rest.

The line comes with three handle options: blade, lever or cube. In a unique application, the square handles with the ridge detailing are enhanced with the letters “H” and “C” to indicate the water temperature. As the users approach the faucet, they will catch a glimpse of the letters elevating a utilitarian message to a delightful design element.

Geoff Escalette is not just the president of Phylrich but also the main influence in designing the products, including Stria. His inspiration stems from impressions he gathers during his frequent travels and his admiration for the art in general. “The Stria is a collection characterized by contemporary glamour and the design details make it stand out,” he said. “It commands attention in a subtle way and its aesthetic is intriguing from any angle and distance.”

The comprehensive Stria collection also includes wall-mount faucets, bath-and-shower sets as well as accessories. Like all Phylrich products, Stria is available in 16 finishes.

Phyrich is proud to sell products, including the Stria collection that are made from start to finish, entirely in America. The company’s design center, factory and headquarters are located in Southern California where the product was inspired, designed and engineered by their specialists and craftsmen.