Taco Comfort Solutions’ new Optimized Efficiency (Oe) high-performance package for commercial pumps adds a permanent-magnet ECM motor and VFD to pumps in the company’s commercial line, increasing efficiency and service life while exceeding upcoming DOE regulations, Taco notes. Pumps between 3 and 30 hp are available with the Oe package, which reduces total cost of ownership through advanced motor technology and decreased energy consumption. Longer service life, more uptime and higher reliability all are benefits of pairing permanent-magnet motors with VFDs, Taco points out. Performance is increased, motors operate more quietly, smoother and cooler than equivalent induction motors, and maintenance is decreased, the company adds. The Oe package is available with Taco’s factory-programmed SelfSensing technology and ProBalance drives. This reduces or eliminates the need for controls and balancing contractors in the commissioning and startup process.

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