Fluidmaster’s Flush ‘n Sparkle self-cleaning toilet system is designed to achieve safe and effective hands-free cleaning for most any toilet. The Flush ‘n Sparkle bleach-cleaning system puts a powerful bleach-cleaning solution directly into the overflow tube of the flush valve so no chemicals ever touch the flapper, fill valve or other tank parts. This prevents the damage that drop-in tablets normally inflict, leading to breakdown and part malfunction, Fluidmaster points out. The Flush ‘n Sparkle 8300 cleaning system – bleach offers a powerful toilet-cleaning solution that lasts up to 3 months. Installation is simple and in 3 quick steps a contractor or end user can clean the toilet bowl without damaging the toilet. The Flush ‘n Sparkle cleaning system comes with one bleach cartridge and can be refilled with bleach, blue, or septic-tank refill cartridges.

Fluidmaster. www.fluidmaster.com

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