Fluidmaster introduces the PRO45K, the complete kit for a total overhaul of toilet-tank components. Created for the professional plumber, the PRO45K includes a PRO45 fill valve, 2” flush valve, flexible flapper, solid-brass bolts, stainless steel washers, gasket and a PRO61 tank lever. Fluidmaster’s PRO45 fill valve is quiet and powerful and is engineered for reliability and durability, the company notes. The entire kit contains all necessary components for a quick installation and eliminates the hassle of needing to purchase additional parts, it adds. Plumbers are able to replace outdated, inefficient and noisy fill valves with one complete Fluidmaster Pro Series kit. Designed specifically for the plumbing trade, plumbers can confidently know their customers will not find the same kit in local big-box stores, Fluidmaster notes. The PRO45K is code approved and features quality, durable components that fix and upgrade their customer’s toilet, making it quiet and efficient, Fluidmaster adds.

Fluidmaster. www.fluidmaster.com