For private property, institutional and municipal fire hydrants, Matco-Norca now offers lead-free brass construction fire-hydrant adapters and a cap with chain available in various sizes and threads. The company’s adapters come in two versions: standard and swivel. Standard adapters are available in five sizes ranging from 2 1/2” FNST (female national standard thread) x 3/4” hose thread up to 2 1/2” FNST x 2” MIP (make iron pipe thread). Swivel hydrant adapters are available in two sizes: 2 1/2” FNST x 2” MIP and 2 1/2” FNST x 3: MIP. Matco-Norca’s lead-free hydrant cap with chain is available in two sizes 1-1 1/2” FNST and 2 1/2” FNST. All fire-hydrant adapters and caps have a temperature rating of 180° F and a pressure rating CWP of 300 psi.