Nashville-based Hunter Industrial, the industrial division of Hunter Fan Co., has become the exclusive high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fan partner for fan distributor Texas AirSystems. Hunter Industrial’s Titan, ECO and XP series fans are available for purchase through the company.

“Texas AirSystems and Hunter Industrial share a core common mission – at the end of the day we are committed to providing comfort and efficient solutions for our customers,” said Jeff Chastain, senior vice president and general manager of Hunter Industrial. “As the largest independent HVAC provider in Texas, Texas AirSystems is a valuable, knowledgeable partner as we seek to further expand into Southwestern territories and bring HVLS solutions to the table for industries across the map.”

Hunter Industrial Fans was launched in 2016 with its debut product, the Titan series HVLS fan. With blade spans ranging from 14 feet to 24 feet, this HVLS fan offers a competitive edge when it comes to efficiency (consuming 50% less energy than other HVLS manufacturers), installation cost, weight and maintenance, the company noted.

The company’s second product, the ECO series fan, is among the most lightweight and economical industrial fans on the market, Hunter added. The ECO fans range in diameter from 8 feet to 24 feet. The XP series fan is the company’s newest fan and is engineered to deliver year-round HVAC cost savings and the easiest installation features on the market to date, the company stated. The new HVLS solution delivers a highly efficient performance with a featherweight design and includes a uniquely streamlined plug-n-play, preassembled installation process that does not require any guy wires.

All Hunter Industrial fans offer a full range of control options, including Hunter Industrial’s standard 1:1 analog control and touchscreen controls that have network capability and the flexibility to manage up to 30 fans.

“We only represent brands that stand for quality, and Hunter Industrial more than lives up to our quality standards with their thoughtful product design, expert engineering and a long-standing reputation of integrity,” said Jerry Braun, CEO of Texas AirSystems. “We know their product is one we can trust and we’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers what are arguably the most efficient, top-performing HVLS fans on the market to date.”

Locally-owned and -operated for more than 40 years and representing more than 60 manufacturers, Texas AirSystems is the largest independent HVAC equipment and solutions provider in Texas. The company offers a comprehensive lineup of HVAC expertise with equipment sales, service and parts departments that take industry professionals and end users from the conceptual stages of projects to completion. With a focus on building exemplary partnerships with manufacturers, customers and beyond, Texas AirSystems provides energy-efficient, value-added solutions for complex problems.

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