A. O. Smith recently launched the new iCOMM Connectivity Platform, breaking down old barriers surrounding remote monitoring and placing control firmly in the hands of commercial plumbing contractors and facility managers, the water-heater manufacturer noted.

The new iCOMM Connectivity Platform is available via the A. O. Smith app on iOS- and Android-ready mobile devices. All Cyclone MXi models now come standard with onboard Wi-Fi, which makes remotely connecting and interacting with Cyclone water heaters easy and free, A. O. Smith noted.

David Chisolm, vice president of marketing at A. O. Smith, noted another benefit of the platform is flexibility in that commercial water-heater customers ranging from small businesses to chain operations could benefit from the system’s real-time data and alerts.

“With complete integration on mobile devices and wireless connectivity, this latest iCOMM innovation sets a new standard for monitoring and maintaining commercial hot water systems,” he said. “This app is designed to empower commercial contractors who want to provide superior service and facility managers who value the peace of mind that comes with knowing their business is running smoothly because it has the hot water it needs.”

Installers will find the latest iCOMM system easy to set up, the company noted. Connecting and registering an iCOMM-compatible Cyclone water heater involves updating or installing the A. O. Smith app, connecting to the building’s Wi-Fi network and completing the step-by-step app signup process. Once connected, users can interact with one or multiple heaters on the app, adjusting temperature and differential, viewing status and fault history, and setting custom alerts.

A. O. Smith was the first to market with water heater connectivity in 2009, it stated. Matt Schulz, the A. O. Smith product manager who led the new iCOMM rollout, noted the system operated through a desktop application that monitored a water heater hardwired to the Internet.

“A. O. Smith pioneered water-heater connectivity and this new iCOMM platform once again pushes connectivity into new territory by facilitating convenient, mobile two-way communication between our customers and their hot water systems. These services come all at no cost for hardware, subscriptions or any other fees,” Schulz said. “For commercial applications such as institutions, multifamily housing, restaurants and hospitality, the new iCOMM service provides remote control, convenience and the peace of mind these businesses need.”