Sandy Hook, Conn.-based distribution ERP software company DDI System announces the launch of its newly revamped website at

The website offers an in-depth overview of DDI System’s Inform ERP software along with industry-specific features, authentic client testimonials and robust partner integrations.

The website features a clean design, intuitive functionality and enhanced content; making it user-friendly for those looking for information on Inform ERP’s forward-thinking suite of embedded customer connectivity features,” the company explained. Inform ERP drives daily operations for more than 950 wholesale distributors, DDI System pointed out.

“Customers and potential customers are more prepared than ever before when evaluating software. They are thoughtfully researching options, diving deep into details and even taking product tours — before ever even interacting with a sales team member,” DDI System’s Director of Marketing Jennifer Rosvally said.  “We want to ensure distributors can find the information they need that matters most to them, point out DDI’s unique advantage to cater to a specific subset of industries and then arm distributors with an array of customer references during that research phase.”

DDI System’s website redesign is a continuing step in the drive to evolve the brand with a focus on elevating awareness for customers and prospective clients, it said. This next step is a continuation of growth efforts the company has steadily announced throughout the year, the company added.