MIFAB announces the addition of a new C-Port POP refillable display for the front of a plumbing distributor’s store. The display holds 64 C10 rooftop units. “Gone are the days when contractor-fabricated 2-by-4 rooftop supports are acceptable. Many roofers will not guarantee their roofs unless commercially fabricated rooftop supports are used,” MIFAB points out. The C-Port rooftop supports are environmentally friendly and are made from recycled tires. The company also has introduced Slim Trench contractor kits. The T300 trench drain kit consists of three assembled trench drains and enough accessory pieces for several different configurations. All accessory pieces can be found in the bottom of the suitcase-type carrying case. Call 800/465-2736 for more information.

MIFAB. www.mifab.com