Reading, Pa.-based Cambridge-Lee Industries announces the rollout of a copper coil product directed to industries for whom corrosion resistance and identification is a specific requirement.

CL Readi-Protector coated coils feature factory-coated plastic protection over copper tube core. The product will be used in the installation of fuel oil lines, natural gas and propane equipment for companies in the plumbing, refrigeration, HVAC and burner service trades among others.

The coating of Readi-Protector is corrosion-resistant and is an excellent choice for applications where lines are required to be buried underground,” the company notes. Readi-Protector also is appropriate for above-ground use where lines require extra fortification against damage.

Cambridge-Lee is able to offer the coated-copper product as a result of the recent purchase of manufacturing equipment from CuPRO, a Canadian copper manufacturer which formerly made the product.

“We are excited to add this product to our existing lineup of copper-focused products and bring its manufacturing operations to the USA,” said Andi Funk, CEO of Cambridge-Lee Industries. “We are committed to finding the right solution for all industries that rely on copper to get their jobs done and we are very proud of our American brand, especially as we enter our 75th year of operation.”

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