Jack Krecek

Tom Samanic

Elkay Manufacturing Co.’s Plumbing Products Division (PPD) has developed the Commercial and Residential Wholesale business units. Jack Krecek, vice president, general manager of the PPD’s Commercial business unit, will supervise specialized engineers, marketers, global sourcing agents and new product development resources targeting commercial business segments such as education, health care, hospitality and other public venues. Among the product managers supporting the commercial group is Gary Israelson, product manager for commercial faucets. Rod Magnuson, senior product manager, will lead a management team focused on new products.

Wally Moran

Darold Vredberg, senior marketing manager, will handle areas related to pricing and costing; Kevin Keane is commercial financial manager and Franco Savoni, senior manager, engineering and technology, will manage a variety of areas, including the product engineers responsible for cost reduction and supply chain initiatives, the Savanna product testing lab, new and existing product initiatives, certifications and intellectual property activities.

Angela Sheehan

Tom Samanic is the new vice president, general manager of the PPD’s Residential Wholesale business unit, which will be responsible for all sinks, accessories and business development initiatives. Wally Moran, director of marketing and product development for sinks/accessories, will lead one of the residential wholesale business unit teams, supported by Mark Hird, marketing manager, and Martin Zummersch, leader of the engineering team. Angela Sheehan, who recently joined Elkay as a director of marketing and product development for faucets, leads a second team, supported by Jens Bolleyer, marketing manager, and Mike Douglass, leader of the faucet engineering team.

Pete Wozniczka

Pete Wozniczka leads the PPD’s market research and industrial design team. Laura Gicela manages the product engineering support team.