WinWholesale member Shelton Winnelson, Shelton, CT, has made digital signage a key element in its communications mix. The plumbing and heating wholesaler installed a digital signage system from StrandVision in August 2006 and says it has increased awareness of the company’s offerings and delivered sales.

“It’s definitely worth the amount of money that we’re spending on it,” according to Prisco Panza, president of Shelton Winnelson. “We’ll post a special and a customer will come in and say, ‘I saw that on the TV and I want to purchase it.’” 

The digital signage was installed in the customer service counter area so customers can watch the screen while they wait for their products.

Panza credited the digital signage for increasing attendance at its seminars, noting that even though the company had been promoting the seminars via fax, e-mail and mail, some of its regular customers were not aware of them. For example, one company sent 12 people to a seminar after one of its employees visited the counter area and saw it mentioned on the digital signage.

StrandVision automatically updates several slides for the digital signage, such as local and national news, sports and weather. At least once a month a Shelton Winnelson administrator updates many of the digital signage slides using StrandVision’s Web-based administrator’s console. Updates include the seminar schedule, specials and other promotions. 

“The key is to use it and update it,” Panza noted.

Shelton Winnelson also partners with manufacturers to sponsor advertising. For example, Burnham, a provider of boilers and heating equipment, sponsors the news and weather.

Yet Panza said he feels the digital signage can accomplish even more.

“We’ve only scratched the surface,” he noted. “We will probably be using it for even more things. I’d like to eventually add pictures of all of our employees, including who they are, what they do and how to contact them. I’d also like to do more vendor advertising.”