Buttes Pipe & Supply Co., Yuba City, Calif.; Buttes Pipe & Supply Co. of Sacramento, Calif.; and Center State Pipe & Supply Co., Modesto, Calif., have completed an official name change. The companies now operate under the name: Buttes/Center State - Pipe & Supply Cos. Ownership remains the same.

Buttes Pipe and Supply Co. was founded in Yuba City in 1964 by Walter Christiansen. He co-owns the companies with his daughter, Sharilyn Christiansen, who also acts as in-house counsel. The company opened a branch office/warehouse in Chico in 1968. In 1972, Center State Pipe & Supply Co. was formed in Modesto, Calif. A branch office/warehouse was opened in Stockton, Calif., in 1976. A third company, Buttes Pipe & Supply Co. of Sacramento, was formed in 1983.

The three companies - Buttes Pipe & Supply Co., Center State Pipe & Supply Co., and Buttes Pipe & Supply Co. of Sacramento - work together to serve the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys. Each company has its own board of directors which elects the officers to run its daily business. Each location has a manager responsible for its profitable operation. The locations serve mechanical contractors, plumbing contractors, industrial facilities and governmental agencies. For more information call 800-800-PIPE or visit www.buttespipe.com or www.centerstatepipe.com.