Arthur Andersen expanded its KnowledgeSpace online business information service by introducing the Wholesale Distribution community, one of several industry-driven online communities the firm plans to develop with national trade associations. Teaming up with the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, the newest KnowledgeSpace area provides wholesale executives with an online resource for solving business problems.

Subscribers have access to a custom version of Global Best Practices and profiles describing the business processes used by top companies across a variety of industries. The Center for Best Practices, a partnership between Arthur Andersen and the NAW's Distribution Research and Education Foundation, provides additional wholesaler-specific process information and diagnostics.

Other features include customized news pages; breaking news on marketing, technology, supply chain and finance; economic indices such as the Producer Price Index, Consumer Price Index, business inventories and sales ratios and Wholesale Distribution Confidence Index; and links to almost 150 business Web resources.

For more information, visit the KnowledgeSpace Web site at or call 888/577-8778 in the United States and 941/ 373-3333 internationally.