HydroMaid and Creed/PlumbMaster have become the seventh and eighth vendors contributing to the Professional Product Line of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors - National Association by adding a water-powered waste disposal and a line of replacement parts to the growing line of private-label products.

Also, five radio commercials and one television advertisement targeted to consumers were introduced to PHCC-NA membership. Media kits with advice on how to effectively place the ads will be made available to contractors through the PHCC-NA.

The other PPL participants are Anaheim Manufacturing, Bradford White, Delta Faucet, Hammond Valve, Ward Manufacturing and Water by Design. Anaheim offers an electric disposal through the PPL, but as a not-for-profit organization PHCC-NA must follow antitrust laws by not excluding anyone from participation.

"It is vital to us to be partners with PHCC," said Ron LaFord, HydroMaid president. "We focus on the wholesale side of the business. That is our bread and butter because we need wholesalers to see our product and get it to plumbers."

The HydroMaid disposal also will be available through retail stores, but they will not be allowed to undercut plumbers on price, LaFord said.

"There's a lifetime warranty on blades and housing and a 10-year deal on everything else," he explained.

Being a part of the PPL is as important to PlumbMaster as it is to HydroMaid. PlumbMaster contracts with domestic and foreign manufacturers to make replacement parts for brand-name plumbing products. The company offers a full line of products including faucets, valves and rubber flappers.