After nearly 40 years in business, the Swan Corp. will market its company and all of its products under the name, Swanstone. This brand initiative comes after a year-long study of the kitchen and bath marketplace.

Swanstone is the name of a solid surface material that has been Swan's most successful product line.

Marketing, advertising, sales materials and packaging will reflect the new brand name. A redesigned Swanstone logo depicts three characteristics that drive the process from concept to delivery: strength, balance, and beauty. In addition, the company has a new focus on customer solutions that involves using advanced technologies to maintain the highest levels of product quality and customer service.

Swanstone's kitchen and bath products will center around three collections: Everyday Essentials, American Classics and the Metropolitan Collection.

U.S. Industries Reports On Bath And Plumbing Segment

Sales increases for both the second quarter and first half of fiscal 2002 for U.S. Industries were attributed to the acquisition of Rexair and partially offset by a decrease in sales in the bath and plumbing segment.

Sales in the bath and plumbing segment decreased because of the disposition of certain businesses and product lines in 2001 and decreased volume in the domestic spa, whirlpool bath and above-ground pools businessess, partially offset by the sales increases in the United Kingdom bath and sink and the domestic premium spas businesses, the company said.

The domestic spa and whirlpool bath businesses were affected by reduced unit sales of certain home center product lines for which the company declined requests for price and service concessions. The above-ground pools business was affected by excess inventory levels experienced by their distributor network. The U.K. bath and sink businesses experienced improved weather conditions and implemented new customer programs that have increased sales to existing customers, the company said.

The premium spa business has been successful in adding new distributors for its brands. Sales and operating income at Zurn were nearly comparable with the prior year.

Increased operating income for both the second quarter and first half were also attributed to the Rexair acquisition, but partially offset by decreased sales in the bath and plumbing segment and reduced overhead absorption caused by a reduction in inventory levels and production. The costs of consolidating selected whirlpool bath manufacturing facilities and a reduction in margins for the European whirlpool bath and shower businesses in response to increased competition were also a factor.