A recent fire at a Johns Manville (JM) plant in Defiance, Ohio, has limited supply of the company's Micro-Lok(r) Pipe Insulation and caused JM to end production of pre-formed round air duct products. All other JM products for industrial and commercial applications are readily available.

The company is distributing Micro-Flex(r) Pipe and Tank Wrap, a semi-rigid fiber glass blanket with a random fiber orientation that allows the material to wrap pipes and equipment without gaps, as a suitable substitute for Micro-Lok in many applications. Micro-Flex will be stocked at JM's Cleburne, Texas plant so it can be shipped in mixed loads. Other products unaffected by the fire include

Zeston(r) and Ceel-Co(r) PVC fitting covers and jacketing, and Spin-Glas(r) equipment and board insulations.