This year's Institute for Distribution Management 2002 was held in Indianapolis on March 24-27th. The program again offered 12 first-class seminars in operations, sales and branch management as well as special business skills like strategic negotiations and personnel management.

This year's attendees seemed exceptionally motivated and focused. One participant who attended Joe Ellers' sales management program sent us an email the day after the Institute ended explaining how he doubted that Joe's techniques for keeping discussions off price to protect your margins would work. He then tried the techniques the next day and found they worked well, preserving much of the margin he thought he would have to give up. (And paying back the cost of the seminar the first day he got back!)

Other students learned the conditions under which you can safely raise prices, how to keep up-to-the minute figures on every customer's profitability, how to reduce overtime costs and how sales employees can keep up-to-the minute assessments of their own performance.