Jacuzzi Luxury Bath recently commissioned a quantitative study from a market-research company to understand the attitudes, habits, and lifestyles of frequent bathers in the U.S.

According to the third-party study, more than a third (38%) of the U.S. population is avid bathers, taking baths at least weekly, with an average of 3.3 baths per week.

Weekend evenings and Monday mornings are peak bath moments. Contrary to the popular belief of baths being used by females to relax, 50% of avid bathers are men.  Frequent bathers also trend younger (48% of those ages 25-44 bathe regularly). 

“Bathroom remodeling trends have in the past few years favored large showers in lieu of bathtubs, but this study indicates the trend excludes a large portion of homebuyers who bathe regularly and find a bathtub a must-have in a home,” said Joseph Davis, president of Jacuzzi Luxury Bath.  “Large, comfortable tubs, preferably with jets, are in high demand among frequent bathers. The resale value of a house can strongly be affected by a bathroom upgrade, but the lack of a bathtub can be a big deterrent for the almost 40% of buyers who are avid bathers.”

Frequent bathers bathe in order to unwind and take care of themselves, mentally and physically.  Women are more likely to speak to the relaxing aspects of baths; men, on the other hand, more often cite mental acuteness as a key benefit.

While the majority of bathers point to the calming, relaxing effects of a bath, one portion, especially among younger bathers (ages 18-44), bathes to feel more alert.  Key physical benefits derived from bathing center on body recovery either due to soreness or fatigue.  Of those who use baths to recover after fitness activities, 43% are runners or joggers, 34% attend exercise classes and 33% are weightlifters, followed by basketball players, bikers and swimmers.

Although frequent bathers bathe an average of 3.3 times a week for an average of 28 minutes, two in three wish they could bathe more often, especially if they had a bigger, more comfortable bathtub with jets.  Jets are in high demand; four in five bathers who don’t have jets wish they had them for the therapeutic, fun and relaxing benefits.