Do you believe that anything is possible? I certainly do. I’m convinced that distributors need to inject an “Anything is Possible” mindset into their businesses as a new mantra while inspiring a new spirit of innovation. And vision is at the core of inspiring this spirit.


What exactly is vision?

Vision is best defined as a future reality that we really believe is possible with committed effort. Vision is where we say to ourselves, “Here’s where we are today as an organization. Here are our core competencies. Here’s what we do very well. Here are the things that are driving our profitability. Here’s what we do to create satisfied customers. We know that the world is changing. We know we have to think about disruption. We know that the future is going to be different, and this means our business will and must be different.”

Vision is the ability to craft, articulate and communicate this future reality. It’s not about where you are today, but rather what your organization will become. Vision is necessary to kick-start your innovation and change your efforts.

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